Sunday, October 22, 2017

Annual Donation Drive

Supporting Education
A2 STEAM @ Northside
Annual Drive

You probably already know that PTSO = Parent Teacher Student Organization, but did you know that one of the PTSO primary functions is to raise funds for the school?

At A2 STEAM @ Northside, students have additional opportunities that enrich their educational experience.  From Expos to field trips, we want all of our children to share in these experiences; your PTSO raises funds to support such opportunities.  We cannot do this without your support.  Some schools hold events such as sales of baked goods and gift wrap; we are working to keep the number of these events to a minimum while still supporting high quality educational experiences at our school.

Here are some examples of how your PTSO funds support our children's educational needs:

  • Field Trips ($20,000):  A significant portion of this funding provided transportation to off-campus venues.  We want to continue to offer these unique, Project Based Learning (PBL) field trips that help our kids explore and contribute to their surrounding community. With the growing population at A2 STEAM, we have increased our budget this year in this area.
Field Trip Cost Per Student Breakdown
Grades K-3     $25 per student
           Grades 4-5    $40 per student
           Grades 6-7    $60 per student
                Grade 8            $140 per student

  • Expo Grants ($3,000):  Teachers often need extra materials for Expo projects.  Your PTSO helps to provide additional funding to support the students’ curriculum and creativity.
  • Classroom Materials ($3,200):  We want to ensure that teachers are not paying out of their own pockets for classroom materials; we provide reimbursement for items that support Project Based Learning (PBL).

Please donate today to support the above activities or simply to express appreciation for having nothing to buy, sell, or do!. Your PTSO asks that you only contribute what you can afford; If your family can afford to give more, please consider doing so as these funds will benefit other A2 STEAM families.

*Please note - Additional fundraising will be necessary to fund the costs of field trips and other activities throughout the school year that are not covered by the Annual Drive.

  1. Donate by check/cash:  Checks can be made payable to “A2 STEAM at Northside PTO” and returned to the school office drop box in the enclosed sealed envelope.
  2. Donate online by clicking on the PayPal LINK

Please make your donation as soon as possible to help us plan our spending through the school year. If you have any questions, please contact our PTSO Co-President in charge of fundraising and communications  @

Thank you!

A2 STEAM at Northside PTSO is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.