Thursday, June 15, 2017

End of the year information

Announcing 2017-2018 PTSO Executive Board:

Dani Parker Co-President
Tonya Huffman Co-President
Karl Dinkleman Vice President
Mary Flanigan Secretary
Aaron Reifler Treasurer
Beth Grzelak PTOC Representative
We would still like to have one more treasurer.  Please email for inquires  

Thank you Robyn Sorensen for creating new STEAM traditions and helping to continue existing ones as well.  You will me missed and thank you to your family for all of their support this year!

Please click on the link to preview the 2017-2018 Approved PTSO Budget

Other news -

New Principal

In a message from Jazz Parks Executive Director, Middle Level Education for Ann Arbor Public Schools - Please look for an email Friday, June 16 naming the new leader for STEAM!  If you are able, please join us Monday, June 19 from 5pm-6:30pm in the Media Center for a brief meet and greet with the new principal. There will be other days throughout the summer to meet your new STEAM principal, if you are unable to join us Monday, June 19.  We look forward to transition and introductory activities that will be planned during the summer months to provide opportunities to get acquainted with the new principal. 

Gaga Pits

Hooray! The gaga pit has been moved off the basketball court on to the grass area near the trees. 

The PTSO purchased a second gaga pit for the lower grades k-2 and has arrived this week! (we will need help putting this together in the near future)  The PTSO would like to take the opportunity to announce that this will be in dedication to Kate Lewit our school Physical Education teacher.

Thank you Kate for over 30 years in Ann Arbor Public Schools!!

Summer Kickoff

We had a very big turnout and thank you to all who volunteered! 

Cross Country Kids

Another successful season of Cross Country Kids has come to an end.  Thank you to Andrea Wilkerson who has worked extremely hard to keep this Northside tradition going.

Store Rewards

Please remember to hold on to your Boxtops and renew your Kroger, Buschs, Target and Amazon Smiles Store Rewards!  Most stores require you to renew every quarter and these are great and easy ways to help out STEAM.  It really does add up $$$

Please remember this is your PTSO, if you have any feedback, advice, or problem we, the executive board are here for you!  We'll see you in September!!