Wednesday, December 7, 2016

PTSO General Meeting Thursday January 12, 6:00-7:30pm in the MSR


Middle School Science Olympiad 
The Middle School Science Olympiad Club has now started. If you would like your middle school student to participate, but have not been contacted by the head coach, please contact Michele Loewe at

Delivery of the ChicoBags will be arriving December 13 due to high demand. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you to all the families that contributed to the fundraiser! Please feel free to email with any questions.

A2 Safe Transport Meeting 
When: Dec 12 at 4:00 (arrive 3 or 3:30 if possible)
Where: Downtown Library, Multipurpose Room
Mark your calendars!
A little information on this meeting.
Logistics:  Lovely, bright yellow tee shirts with the A2SafeTransport logo are still available in limited number (free, but donation suggested).  If you want one, contact us, and we will set up delivery.  The shirt makes you immediately recognizable as a member of the group; but make no mistake, we want you with us whether you wear the shirt or not.  We will meet at the library prior to the meeting, some will get there as early as 3 please try to get there by 3:30.  This meeting will likely go until about 9 or 10. Council will be served dinner, so you may want to pack food.  If you cannot stay the whole time, come for what you can (leaving early or arriving late).  Our presence makes a difference.  There may be time for public comments at the end.
Meeting Purpose: This is a planning meeting to set budget priorities for the year.  The city's budget runs from July 1 to June 30, so this will be to discuss funding for the next fiscal year (July 2017-June 2018).  This is not a meeting to approve the budget.  From this meeting, City Admin will draft the budget to reflect the priorities that come out of this meeting.  So making our priorities heard are key.  The proposed budget will come to Council in Feb or March and then the council members have time to prepare amendments for a May approval.

Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pickup
Parking in the lot of the Northside Community Church is still prohibited.  The recommended area for morning drop off parking at the church on John A Woods and walking your child across the street so they can walk into the school safely via the sidewalk on Peach.  Stopping in the middle of the street so your child can get out curbside is not only extremely dangerous but it is illegal. Please plan for just a couple minutes of additional time to your morning routine.

Did you know???
  • On average the PTSO blog has over 3,000 views per month???
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  • We are still looking for volunteers, please take a look at the Volunteer Opportunities Page also located on the top right side from the Home Page.
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  • Store Rewards
    Many stores around town will give a donation to the school based on you shopping with them. Last year, the PTO received donations of several thousand dollars from stores like Kroger, Busch’s, Target, Little Seedling, Ten Thousand Villages and others. Click here for information about how to sign up for free so these stores can donate the maximum to our PTO.
  • Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education
    It’s time to turn in your Box Tops and Labels for Education! These programs sent us over $500 last year. These programs have expanded beyond cereal boxes and soup can labels, so check their web sites for up to date information on products, rewards, and special coupons.
  • ANN ARBOR PTO THRIFT SHOP Please see the attachment from the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop -- they support our school and students.  SHOP, DONATE and SUPPORT AAPS!