Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9th: Help Wanted, Announcements, Teacher Feature and new Store Rewards

Safe Routes To School (SRTS)- Public input meeting will be Thursday Nov. 10, 6:30 - 8pm @ STEAM. All are welcome!

In September A2 STEAM at Northside began working with the Safe Routes to School contingent from MSU to develop a Complete Action Plan to obtain funding for street and sidewalk infrastructure enhancements from the Michigan Department of Transportation. The school SRTS committee has spent the past month completing the data gathering phase and the MSU team is ready to host the Initial Public Input meeting based on findings so far. As committed advocates for pedestrian and cyclist safety , your support, perspective and feedback at this stage of the process are very important. 

Please join us this Thursday, November 10 at 6:30pm in the school’s multi-purpose room for our Initial Public Input Meeting. We look forward to seeing you. 

Best regards,

Carlene Colvin-Garcia
Nicole Chardoul
Co-coordinators, A2 STEAM SRTS Project


Dear Family Members,

This is our 3rd successful year of STEAM and the PTSO needs your help now more than ever. That's why your assistance is vital in our continued success.

The PTSO seeks your support to help in carving out fundraisers and committees in order to create a supportive culture for the success of our entire school. 

As a result, based on the size and needs of the school, we urge each family to volunteer approximately 8 hours per school year.  Please take this opportunity now to click the link and offer your help and especially your much needed time.  Thank You.


Middle School Science Olympiad MiSO

Registration for the Middle School Science Olympiad Club is now available. Please click on to the link below to complete a goggle form registration for your student. Event descriptions came home last week in student’s backpacks and are also available on the A2 STEAM Middle School Clubs' webpage-  Please contact Michele Loewe or 734-930-9883 (home) with any questions about the club. Registration deadline is Sat. Nov 19Students will be contacted by their coaches the week of Nov 21 and practices will begin shortly thereafter. 
Thank you for your interest in the middle school science olympiad at A2 STEAM.
Michele Loewe
MiSO Head Coach 

Registration form link:

Coaches Needed for Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) - The 2017 Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad (WESO) has been announced and will take place on June 3rd at Pioneer High School.  This competition is open to grades 2-5.  A description of WESO and the events for 2017 are available in the links below:

The rules of Science Olympiad require an adult coach for each event in which we would like to participate.  In order to maximize the opportunities for our kids, please consider volunteering to coach an event.  No prior experience is required and plenty of support is provided by WESO in the form of teaching materials, workshops, subject matter experts etc.  Without coaches, there is no Science Olympiad!!

If you would like to coach an event, or if you have any questions on WESO, please contact Tejas Rao and Head Coach at

Fall Fund Drive - To view our letter that went home in your child's backpack please click here.  Very big thank you to the families that have already donated. We appreciate donations before 12/1/2016 for tax purposes.

Ten Thousand Villages - Ten Thousand Villages in Ann Arbor is hosting a holiday shopping benefit for local non-profit organizations. From Monday, November 28th through Friday, December 9th, not only will your purchase benefit artisans around the world, it will also help create change right here in Ann Arbor. During those two weeks, mention [the name of your organization] at the checkout counter and 15% of your purchase will be donated to us. Join us as we support our global AND local community; use your purchasing power to change the world through fair trade! 

Teacher Feature:

Meet Alicia Loomis 
Kindergarten Teacher
Co-Middle School Athletic Director

Mrs. Alicia MacGeorge-Loomis

In Kindergarten, we are constantly moving around and making our learning fun and interactive. As we began our School Community and School Rules Project Based Learning project, the students were excited to get to learn more about their school and share that learning with others. As a class we were to find a way to share with other students in the school the rules for school assemblies. Our class had some serious conversations on what would be the best way to do this, and we simply could not agree. We brainstormed ideas, but one day we were taking a brain break using a site called GoNoodle. The students were dancing along activity that was based on a movie coming out soon. All of a sudden the students stopped dancing and started talking to one another and pointing to the screen. As the break ended, the students were excited to announce that while watching the dancing video the they noticed that it reminded them of a movie trailer. One student thought it would be great to make a movie trailer for our project. We decided to investigate the iMovie app on our iPads. The students used the Story Board feature on the iMove Trailers feature and set out making a list of the pictures and videos they needed to fit each of the rules they created for having a successful school assembly. The enthusiasm that the students had for a project, that when completed, is only 1 minute long, was astounding! They dedicated themselves to becoming directors, producers, and editors all while keeping the idea of sharing with others as their priority. Its these real life moments, that inspire me to keep this momentum in Kindergarten learning going. I love being apart of this A2 STEAM community and the amazing work that our students do each and every day! 

Check out our iMovie Trailer here: 

Note to families:

All information that our STEAM community would like to be placed in our announcements can be sent to by Wednesday of each week.  They will be added to the PTSO blog and sent via school messenger.

Please check the event schedule on our blog for the latest updates.  Be advised meeting/event dates and times are subject to change.  They will be posted in this one source on our blog.  This is to minimize all of the different places PTSO information is posted. 

  • Store Rewards
    Many stores around town will give a donation to the school based on you shopping with them. Last year, the PTO received donations of several thousand dollars from stores like Kroger, Busch’s, Hillers, Target, Little Seedling, Ten Thousand Villages and others. Click here for information about how to sign up for free so these stores can donate the maximum to our PTO.
  • Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education
    It’s time to turn in your Box Tops and Labels for Education! These programs sent us over $500 last year. These programs have expanded beyond cereal boxes and soup can labels, so check their web sites for up to date information on products, rewards, and special coupons.
  • ANN ARBOR PTO THRIFT SHOP Please see the attachment from the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop -- they support our school and students.  SHOP, DONATE and SUPPORT AAPS!

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