Tuesday, October 4, 2016

1st Installment of Teacher Feature

Welcome to the First Installment of our Blog Series!

Teacher Feature

We will be periodically presenting information provided by a individual STEAM Teacher, highliting a project that they are particularly proud of.  This is to help give our STEAM community exposure to how PBL is being implimented in other classrooms around our school.

Stacey Plott 3rd Grade :

 Stacey Plott's profile photo

"Project Based Learning is the most amazing way for students to learn. My third grade students last year impressed me daily with their ability to collaborate, problem solve and think critically. Our Turbulent Migration project was successful because of the research, hard work and preparation the students put in.  Students were on both sides of the issue and were able to persuade our Expo audience into a 50/50 split, showing both sides delivered a strong argument.  I have another great group of students this year, and I look forward to all of the success they will have!"

Thank you Stacey Plott for all your hard work!!!

To read more about what the 3rd grade classes and what they are up to please check out their page @http://www.a2schools.org/domain/1036

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